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Commercial Snow Plowing FAQ

Questions about our commercial snow plowing services?

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Snow Plowing

Does the category of commercial snow services include HOAs or single-family residences?

No, Roma Snow does not provide snow plowing services to Home Owner Associations or single-family residences.

Do you have equipment to haul snow in the event that we need it?

Yes, Roma Snow has the equipment and capability to either relocate snow on-site or to haul snow off-site.

Do you provide shoveling services for sidewalks?

Yes, Roma Snow can provide these services for sidewalks.

What do you do if there is snowfall during the day while businesses are open?

After making sure that we provide services in a safe manner, our top priority during daytime snow events is to keep traffic moving through parking lots and driveways by keeping the main lanes open and main sidewalk entrances cleared. Once businesses are closed, our crews are re-deployed to clear the entire property.

Can you plow my parking lot before our business opens in the morning?

Yes, Roma Snow will assign a crew to your site that will meet any time requirements you might have, for snowfall accumulations that have occured during the evening and overnight hours.

What payment options do you consider?

Roma Snow currently accepts electronic transfer and checks.

When does Roma Snow make the decision to deploy its crews?

Roma Snow deploys a snow-scouting team at the anticipated time that snow is expected to start, allowing us to accurately deploy our crews so that we stay ahead of the expected storms.

What type of deicing materials do you use?

Roma Snow uses a variety of resources, such as rock salt, calcium-blends for sidewalks, and uses a less-environmental impacting liquid brine.

What region do you service?

Roma Snow is the leading North NJ snow management service. We also serve Essex County, Passaic County, Bergen County, Morris County. Hudson County and NYC.

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